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Samsung Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Ducted Air Conditioning Adelaide

Ducted reverse cycle systems are the ultimate in climate control for the Australian home. Just a simple touch of a button on the electronic controller can select cooling in summer or heating in winter, and even air circulation or humidity control when required.

Over the past few years, split ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems have emerged as Australia’s most popular air conditioning and heating solution for total home comfort.

Ducted reverse cycle systems are generally regarded as the most efficient method of air conditioning. Advanced inverter technology ensures accurately regulated temperature so that your system does not have to run all the time. Along with effective zone configuration and control you can ensure maximum energy efficiency and savings on your energy bills.

We supply only the best brands and Samsung is a leading brand in air conditioning that we all know and trust. When you choose Samsung and BigFan Air Conditioning, you are making an excellent decision on a quality product supplied and installed by a reliable, quality local company. We look forward to providing you with the best choice air conditioning at the best price in Adelaide.

Samsung Smart Inverter


Samsung’s Smart Inverter technology maintains the ideal temperature without constantly shutting off and switching on the compressor. It automatically adjusts the capacity of the system to cope with the temperature variances, helping to ensure that you experience minimal temperature fluctuation for optimal comfort.

Samsung ducted air conditioners are designed to keep on working even on those extremely hot or cold days. With an operating temperature range of -15ºC to 50ºC outside air temperature for cooling and -20ºC to 24ºC for heating, you can rest assured that your unit will work when you need it the most.

Samsung Split System Wall Mounted Air Conditioning


Samsung’s new range of Max Plus inverter split systems provide year round comfort for both the summer and winter while offering great air quality. Featuring the new and innovative D’Light Mode along with refined air purification and directional airflow, Samsung’s Maximus allows you to condition your room to your exact needs.

3D Air allows air to distribute to every corner of the room to ensure even cooling and heating is delivered for perfect comfort at the touch of a button. As well as Auto Vertical and Horizontal airflow, the Maximus provides a 13 metre air throw on high airflow.

The Maximus is able to measure humidity as well as temperature levels. In humid environments the air conditioning unit will access the comfort level of the room. If the programmed temperature is met but the humidity level is too high, the Maximus will continue to reduce himidity levels until a comfortable level is reached.


Improved Dust Removal**


As well as heating and cooling, an air conditioning unit’s function is to improve the general quality of air in your room. Samsung has designed a New High Density (HD) Filtration system with the opening size of the filter re-designed to approximately a third of the size of previous models. (** ioniser not included on AQV30UWCN model).


Turbo Cooling


Samsung’s Turbo cooling mode enables the compressor to operate at its maximum speed for 30 minutes to ensure that you can cool your space down quickly.


Auto Changeover


The Auto Changeover automatically selects the operating mode (Cooling or Heating) according to the temperature setting. So when the temperature is set to Auto mode, the air conditioner heats or cools as required to reach and maintain the set temperature.


Good Sleep Mode


Samsun’s Good Sleep Mode ensures rgar a comfortable temperature is maintained to help you get a good night sleep. Good Sleep Mode offers three stages: Falling Asleep Stage, eases you into sleep by dropping the temperature, Sound Sleep Stage, Relaxes your body and raises your temperature slightly, and Wake Up Stage, allows you to wake up from comfortable intermittent air to make you feel refreshed.


Reduced Noise Levels


Samsung realise that one of the most important factors in selecting an air conditioning unit for your home is the noise level that it omits. When developing the new Max Plus range, Samsung targeted areas in the indoor and outdoor units which produced excessive noise. Making design changes with noise in mind they have been able to drastically reduce the operating noise from previous Samsung models making Samsung the quieter and smarter choice.

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