Fujitsu Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning


Ducted reverse cycle systems are the ultimate in climate control for the Australian home. Just a simple touch of a button on the electronic controller can select cooling in summer or heating in winter, and even air circulation or humidity control when required.

Over the past few years, split ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems have emerged as Australia’s most popular air conditioning and heating solution for total home comfort.

Ducted reverse cycle systems are generally regarded as the most efficient method of air conditioning. Advanced inverter technology ensures accurately regulated temperature so that your system does not have to run all the time. Along with effective zone configuration and control you can ensure maximum energy efficiency and savings on your energy bills.

We supply only the best brands and Fujitsu is a leading brand in air conditioning that we all know and trust. When you choose Fujitsu and BigFan Air Conditioning, you are making an excellent decision on a quality product supplied and installed by a reliable, quality local company. We look forward to providing you with the best choice air conditioning at the best price in Adelaide.

Fujitsu Split Systems vs Multi Systems


Fujitsu Split Systems are designed to conveniently and effectively cool or heat a single room. For situations where more than a single room needs cooling or heating, Fujitsu has a range of Multi Systems designed to air condition 2, 3 or 4 areas in your home. They allow for individual control of each indoor unit, with the ease and simplicity of having only one outdoor unit running them all.

Energy Saving

The human sensor control in Fujitsu’s Designer Range is designed to detect the movement of people to deliver the optimum efficiency and temperature control. When occupants leave the room and do not turn off the air conditioner, after 20 mins of not detecting any movement in the riim, the human sensor will switch the air conditioner into energy saving operation. During the operation the set point will be increased by up to 2°C on cooling and decrease down by 4°C in heating, plus minimise the air conditioners energy usage. When someone re-enters the room, the human sensor will detect movement and return the air conditioner back to normal operation.


Powerful Operation


When powerful operation mode is selected on the controller, the indoor fan and outdoor unit compressor will operate at maximum speed to quickly make the room conditioned and comfortable.


Fujitsu’s Advanced Technology


How the air conditioner delivers comfort into the room has been improved by adopting an open panel design and a newly designed large diameter fan barrel. The introduction of these new features allows a much larger intake to the indoor unit and better air circulation into the room space. The operation noise of the outdoor unit has been reduced compared to older models by using an efficient air flow design. The Designer Range models use a large outdoor heat exchanger and DC twin rotary compressor to be able to deliver a higher capacity when required.


Remote Controller


The Designer Range models have a new designed wireless controller, which allows for more convenient operation and high quality comfort at the push of a single button. Setting teh weekly timer is much easier than before. The new 7 day timer mode allows for batch setting for all days of the week. It is also possible to change the individual specified days separately. When the sleep timer is enabled, the micro-processor gradually changes the room temperature automatically to allow a comfortable nights sleep.


Energy Efficient Comfort


The Fujitsu smart inverter range reaches the desired room temperature faster and then constantly adjusts to maintain perfect Fujitsu Comfort. With its energy efficiency, it is up to 30% cheaper to run than conventional air conditioners.


Long-life Ion Deoderisation Filter


The filter deoderises by powerfully decomposing absorbed odours using the oxidising and reducing effects of ions generated by the ultra-fine particle ceramic.


Apple-catechin Filter


Fine dust, invisible mold spores and harmful micro organisms are absorbed onto the filter by static electricity, and further growth is inhibited by the polyphenol extracted from apples.


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