Cooling and Heating Tips

Cooling and Heating Tips

We are delighted to offer expert tips on efficiently heating and cooling your Adelaide home with no fee:

Expert Air Conditioning Heating and Cooling Tips

Cooling in Summer:

Both insulation and opening and closing your house effectively can make a very big difference when cooling your house in the summer. In summer over half of the heat gained overall enters your home through your ceilings and walls. This makes insulation one of the most important ways to keep your house cool. Refrigerative air conditioners work best if internal doors to rooms that don’t need cooling are shut. Whereas evaporative air conditioners work differently. Opening specific doors and windows will increase air flow.The increased airflow will then improve the effectiveness of the air conditioning system.

Heating in winter:

Be energy efficient in the winter by adhering to three simple passive solar steps.
  • Use the sun when heating your home

The cheapest way to heat you home in the winter is to harness the sun’s energy. It is important to open curtains and blinds during daylight. This as well as avoiding blocking external shading with blinds.

  • Keep doors closed to rooms you don’t need heated

Heating a larger area will require more energy and hence increase power costs. Close internal doors and only heat areas you are occupying. This will guarantee the best energy efficiency in the winter.

  • Insulate your home

Half of your heating in winter can be put to waste through your walls and ceilings. It is very important in terms of heating and cooling to have adequate insulation.

Free Site Assessment & Quotes:

It is important to have the best aircon installation specialists in Adelaide. They can engineer and install the most energy efficient heating and cooling air conditioning system custom fit to your needs. For a free air conditioning site assessment and quote give us a call on 8150 9992.

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