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Toshiba Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning


Ducted reverse cycle systems are the ultimate in climate control for the Australian home. Just a simple touch of a button on the electronic controller can select cooling in summer or heating in winter, and even air circulation or humidity control when required.

Over the past few years, split ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems have emerged as Australia’s most popular air conditioning and heating solution for total home comfort.

Ducted reverse cycle systems are generally regarded as the most efficient method of air conditioning. Advanced inverter technology ensures accurately regulated temperature so that your system does not have to run all the time. Along with effective zone configuration and control you can ensure maximum energy efficiency and savings on your energy bills.

We supply only the best brands and Toshiba is a leading brand in air conditioning that we all know and trust. When you choose Toshiba and BigFan Air Conditioning, you are making an excellent decision on a quality product supplied and installed by a reliable, quality local company. We look forward to providing you with the best choice air conditioning at the best price in Adelaide.

Toshiba Split Systems


Toshiba was the first company to incorporate inverter technology into air conditioning systems in 1981 and since then it has maintained a technological advantage over its competitors.


Hybrid Inverter


The hybrid inverter integrates two distinct compressor control modules to ensure constant natural comfort which is achieved with maximum energy efficiency. PAM (Pulse Amplitude Modulation) provides the highest levels of power for when you need to get cool (or warm) fast, while PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) ensures the desired room temperature and optimum energy efficiency. The Toshiba Inverter system features the best of both.


The Toshiba Air Conditioning DC Twin-Rotary Compressor


This compressor enables the adoption of a high-pressure refrigerant. High efficiency is evident in low speed operation ranges. It can reduce energy consumption when operated in long stable conditions. Rotating with two rollers at the same time makes accurate compressor rotation possible with less energy loss. As a result, it offers a great reduction in energy consumption with powerful operation.


Benefits of the Toshiba DC Hybrid Inverter System


Energy Saving


Digital technologies provide superior control and cost efficiency with the DC Inverter compressor. Super-accurate rotation of an environmentally sustainable compressor results in efficient use of power.




Toshiba’s DC Hybrid Inverter uses a Twin Rotary compressor, which ensures a steadier rotation therefore reducing the unwanted vibration sound.


High Power


PAM drives high power to ensure the fast achievement of the set temperature.


Intelligent Control


An illuminated light indicates whether the unit is in heating or cooling mode. This feature can be turned off at any-time.


Ioniser System


The ionizer system provides pure air and keeps your skin moist. Negative ions from the new ionizer system create fresh and healthy environment, absorb and decompose smoke, food smells and any bad odours.


Toshiba IAQ Filter


Toshiba IAQ technology is able to seriously inhibit the reproductive ability of harmful bacteria and viruses such as H5N1 Avian influenza. With Toshiba IAQ, your family can breathe easier and your house will feel like it has been spring cleaned.


Anti-mould PreFilter with high performance filter


Toshiba’s high performance filter blocks out dust, thus you can ensure your room is kept fresh and clean.


Easy Cleaning


All you need to do is simply wash the dirt out with running water to clean the filter. Always keep your air clean and fresh through simple & easy care.


Plasma Ion Purifier System


The Daiseikai Inverter range has a complete filtration system that deodorises air and provides a healthier environment. Plasma Ion Purifier System is a combination of Plasma Ion Charger and Ionizer System.


Plasma Ion Charger


Impurities are ionized by ion charger and absorbed by the heat exchanger with aqua resin coating which removes small contaminants that are unable to be caught by filters, then discharged by drain water. Drain water will occur during cooling and defrosting.



With 3D airflow features, the indoor unit provides further airflow and stable air volume in 6 unique patterns to ensure that every comfort is reachable. Horizontal and vertical louver improves comfort with a selection of powerful airflow shower settings to evenly distribute mild airflow for comfortable and consistent temperature. Wide or spot airflow is made possible by unifying the horizontal and vertical louvers. You are able to install the unit more conveniently as the airflow is horizontally & vertically controlled in the area you are staying. Simply control airflow pattern as you wish through the remote controller by pushing the “Air Flow” button.


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