Split System Air Con Install (Standard)


Split System Air Conditioner Installation (Standard)


A standard installation definition for installing a split system air conditioner is known as a “BACK-TO-BACK” installation. A standard installation by Big Fan Air Conditioning includes the following:

Standard Installation Inclusions


Bigfan Air Conditioning will bring the air conditioning unit with them on the day they will be installing it. We will move the inside and outside unit to the ground level locations where they need to be installed (subject to appropriate access being provided) and we will remove all packaging.

Installation on a single storey low set home with appropriate installation access

Split level homes and homes on sloping blocks present varying challenges to our installers and increases the complexity of the installation. There should also be easy access to the location where the outside unit is to be installed. Brick Veneer and timber framed homes would qualify for a standard back-to-back installation, however solid brick, solid walled or asbestos clad homes would not.

Installation at a location deemed suitable by installer

The indoor and outdoor unit will need to be placed in an agreed location with suitable access, ventilation, non-sloping base, no adjacent interferences, allowing for routine maintenance and provides for a safe working environment. Both indoor and outdoor units to be installed as per manufacturer’s instructions (specifically minimum distances to be kept above, below and to the sides of both indoor and outdoor units) to not void warranty.

Up to 3 metre distance between indoor and outdoor unit

A split system has two main parts, the indoor head unit and the outdoor compressor unit. In the back-to-back installation method, the indoor head unit is positioned inside on an external wall and directly beneath it on the outside is the outdoor compressor unit with the pipework and electrical interconnectors running neatly in PVC ducting between the two parts. Indoor unit can be mounted on an internal wall that is adjacent to an external wall however ductwork is required to be run across internal wall from the indoor unit to house interconnecting pipework etc. This can be done across the same wall from the indoor unit or on the wall behind the indoor unit provided that the ductwork is able to meet an external wall Greater distances, bends and complex runs are at an additional cost.

Pipework going through wall directly behind the inside unit

The indoor head unit needs to be mounted on internal wall with pipework leaving through a hole in the wall directly behind and aligned with the manufacturers designed exit point for the pipework. Side entry pipework is at an additional cost.

Up to 15 metre distance from outdoor unit to the switchboard

Bigfan Air Conditioning will also provide electrical work for a separate hard wired new electrical circuit from the switchboard to air conditioner and new 15 or 20 amp circuit breaker (depends on size of the unit). Small 2.5-3.5KW units have been known to be powered off general power circuits at the discretion of the electrician (once existing loading is assessed) however it is recommended that a dedicated electrical circuit be installed regardless. We allow for up to 15m internal roof cable run (switchboard must have sufficient electrical capacity and room for another circuit). Greater distances or runs needed in conduit are at an additional cost. Switchboard capacity, consumer mains, residual current device (RCD) and meter box upgrades are at an additional cost.

Weatherproof safety isolation switch mounted near outdoor unit

This is a really important safety requirement that we never take a shortcut in delivering. This allows for easy maintenance and gives you the option of turning the unit completely off if you are going on holidays or don’t plan to use it for a while.

Slimline PVC Ducting to conceal and protect the pipework and wire connecting indoor and outdoor unit

This usually means one length of ducting that runs vertically on the wall to hold and conceal the pipes and wires that run between the outside and inside units. Our ducting is slimline and fully UV stabilized, but will be supplied only in a standard colour (Ivory) at a standard length of 2.0m for our standard installations. Additional ducting and/or multiple bends are at an additional cost.

Conduit for drains

Water from condensation needs to be drained from the inside unit. We will run a hose from the inside unit down the wall and let the water drain onto the ground at the base of the outside unit. Drainage of the condensate should be possible via the proper installation of the drainage hose and the sole use of gravity to drain the condensate. Only if there is a waste drain directly adjacent the outside unit, we’ll run it into that drain. Running the drain further distances are at an additional cost. Water pumps and installation are at an additional cost.

Mount Blocks for the outside (site must have suitable paving to bolt these into)

We will mount your unit onto your solid paving (concrete, brick pavers, etc) using our standard pvc or rubber mounting blocks. A standard installation needs the site to have a suitable paved ground surface to place the outside unit on. Preparation or repair of the ground surface are at an additional cost. Concrete or other ground blocks and wall mounting are at an additional cost.

Installation pressure testing

This is an important test which can be avoided by unscrupulous installers. We always pressure test using dry nitrogen so as not to void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Pump down/evacuation of systems copper line set before introduction of refrigerant

This is also a very important part of the installation which is also required to be done by the refrigerant Codes of Practice. The system’s copper pipework is evacuated/pumped down via a vacuum pump to a minimum of 500 microns after installation and pressure testing to ensure all non-condensables (such as nitrogen, air and moisture) are removed from the system prior to introducing the refrigerant charge. This ensures the refrigerant inside the working system remains clean and does not deteriorate possibly causing the system to lose efficiency and eventual premature wear and tear on the compressor itself. Some installers “purge” the lines which is now illegal and is not as effective as a proper vac down.

Workmanship warranty

This comes with all our installations, so rest assured that we will stand behind our workmanship for a time equivalent to the manufacturer’s statutory or defined warranty. We won’t let you down. All work is carried out by ARCtick Certified Tradesman and Licensed Electricians so as not to void the manufacturer’s warranty. We will also provide Electrical and Air Conditioning Test Certificates and operation checks as well as give you instruction on the basic operation of the system.

Installation in the Adelaide metropolitan area

We will provide our standard installation service anywhere in the Adelaide metropolitan area. Travel to country locations are at an additional cost.

Single pre-arranged installation date

Please have a responsible adult present on the day to discuss/oversee and sign-off on the work on the planned installation day, just in case your installation is non-standard. Additional installation visits due to customer responsibility are at an additional charge. In the event of heavy rain etc. installations may have to be re-scheduled due to safety regulations or structural constraints. If this is the case, we will inform you on the day (or prior if possible) and an alternative installation time/date will be arranged at no additional charge.

Industry standard installations

Our split-system units are installed to comply with standard industry installation and warranty standards as presented by the qualified installation technician at the time of installation. Non-standard height/ positions are at an additional charge.

Standard Split System Installation Prices

BigFan Sold Units:
  • 2.5kw to 5kw Inverter systems: $599 inc GST
  • 5.1kw to 7kw Inverter systems: $649 inc GST
  • 7.1kw to 8kw Inverter systems: $699 inc GST
  • 8.1kw to 9.9kw Inverter systems: $799 inc GST
Install Only:
  • 2.6kW to 5kW Inverter systems: $649 inc GST
  • 5.1kW to 7kW Inverter systems: $799 inc GST
  • 7.1kw to 8kw Inverter systems: $849 inc GST
  • 8.1kw to 9.9kw Inverter systems: $999 inc GST

Additional Installation Requirements

Sometimes a more customised and complex installation maybe requested or required for your particular home. It’s important to think of the permanency of your air conditioner installation and general appearance of your home once it’s installed. For instance, mounted on roof or wall brackets, mounted away from outdoor entertaining areas, front entry, windows, gardens and even the need for separation from existing gas cylinder locations.

Additional pipework, ducting, bends, electrical cabling and labour is required in these situations. Depending on the particular unit being installed there may be an additional amount of refrigerant required to be added per metre once the line set exceeds a certain distance. We always provide a fixed price quote before we commence any work so you know exactly what your installation cost will be.

We will not carry out and installation in any location that is deemed unsuitable by the installer. You must ensure, prior to the Installation, to that your home complies with any electrical or other standards required by law and that it is suitable and safe for the Installation.

You must obtain all approvals, consents or permits from any person (such as local council/planning authority, any strata corporation or body corporate, or the owner of the Premises) prior to arranging the installation.

You must ensure that the installer (together with any vehicle and equipment) have safe, convenient and unhindered access for the purposes of undertaking the installation.

Some additional costs to consider if you have a more difficult installation

You will need to pay for any additional costs not mentioned in our standard installation information:
  • Two storey homes are typically an additional $225.00 on top of the standard back-to-back prices, however if a crane, scaffolding, boom lifts or cherry picker is needed, then we will provide a quote. Contact us for a quote.
  • Solid Brick or solid wall homes are typically an additional $100 on top of the standard back-to-back prices.
  • Homes under construction will require additional visits at $200 each.
  • Wall brackets fitted: $125.00.
  • Roof bracket on pitched roof, adjustable, mounted outside unit: $250.00.
  • Roof penetration and Dektite (or similar) seal: $135.00.
  • Alternative Base such as a Poly Slab or Concrete Slab: $145.00.
  • Extra pipe work, ducting, electrical and labour over standard installation, external: $65.00 per metre.
  • Side entry pipework (Head unit mounted on internal wall with pipework entering through side): $110.00.
  • Ducting 90 degree bends, T intersections or Wall Passage: $30.00 each.
  • Drain pipe per metere: $5.00.
  • Automated Condensate water pumps and installation where gravity drainage not possible: $380.00.
  • Left hand end mount: $100.00.
  • Decommission and Removal of existing unit: $180.00.
  • Painting, re-decorating or general carpentry i.e. patching from removal of units, boxing in ductwork, plaster work and/or building structural work etc. (if required) – via quote post removal. Contact us for a quote.
  • Any work required to reinstate or make good any walls, plaster or other items that are altered or damaged during the Installation. Contact us for a quote.
  • Penetrations through or work on structures containing asbestos – customer to check walls for asbestos prior to first attendance; client to have hole/s cut (preferred). Contact us for a quote.
  • Core drilling or any other non-standard penetrations: starting from $100 incl. GST p/hole cut.
  • Removal of vegetation, fences, or items for placement of outdoor unit. Contact us for a quote.
  • Any variations from the above and/or work not specified in this recommendation. Contact us for a quote.
  • Access to routine maintenance and service: standard services start at $145 incl. GST, recommended annually to maintain optimal functioning of your unit.
  • *Prices subject to change without notice. Terms & Conditions apply and is subject to final site evaluation.

Standard Service-Domestic Split System Air Conditioning

This price is for an air conditioner that is relatively dirty, if the air conditioner hasn’t been serviced by us before. If there is mould growing inside, then there is a higher fee.


Spit System Clean and Service: $180 inc GST*

Spit System Mould Clean* and Service: $250 inc GST*


  • Clean filters, ionizers, etc.
  • Cleaning of external condenser coil.
  • Coil clean the indoor evaporator.
  • Check refrigerant.
  • Temp check.
  • Function check.
  • Anti mould removal and clean all indoor parts.(*included in Split System Mould Clean and Service Only)
  • Anti Bacterial and mould spray.(*included in Split System Mould Clean and Service Only)


Exclusions not included in a standard service:

These are non-standard additional services that may also be required.
  • Compressed nitrogen to clean out blocked drains i.e. if air conditioner is dripping water: $35.
  • Refrigerant to regas units: $50 per Kg, average air conditioner 1-2Kg required (R410 only).
  • Recovery of refrigerant from a non-running system: $85.
  • Removal of a split system: $180.
  • Breakdown call out fee: $125 includes fault find up to 30min; $140 per hr after if required.
  • Breakdown/Leaking of refrigerant gas (unit is not cooling). Recovery of refrigerant if any, disconnect pipework, re-flare pipework, nitrogen charge to 2000KPA to check for leaks, vacuum down system and recharge with required refrigerant. Average split system complete job $350.

*Prices subject to change without notice. Terms & Conditions apply and is subject to final site evaluation.